Certified Blockchain

We provide a certified blockchain ready and working. We bring to reality that next big thing what everyone is talking about: A certified blockchain with storage capacity and timestamping capabilities.


Your company adquire blockchain capabilities a in a simple and fast way, using a RESTFUL API and our direct advice.


DataEngrave blockchain automatically seal any stored information, it can prove convincingly its existence and integrity at the given time. We offer third party timestamps also, with full legal validity, and fully integrated within the blockchain.

Data Storage

Store any type of data: an unique hash or signature, a existence prove digest, a metadata bundle, a text, a PDF contract or any kind of binary data, plain or encrypted. We have developed the perfect platform to bring you the blockchain usage freedom.

No Commitment

Register yourself without any commitment in just one step, to obtain free credits over the main and the test networks. You can test deeply the system and count with our advice if you need it.

Stone Engraving

From the begining of our times, human beign has engraved everything that matters. Topographical signs, historical milestones, famous phrases, facts to remember, contracts and much more. Engraving it over stone, they prevented the wind from taking it away, thanks to that it lasted until our days.

Technological Evolution

Technology, like the engraver tools, has evolved over the years and in the XXI century, in the digital era, we still have the need to record information indelibly and permanently. The DataEngrave solution allows you to record important data such as files, cryptographic hashes, timestamps, NRC codes, traceability data, and any important information or metadata in a distributed blockchain.


The main objective is to "democratize" the public/private key infraestructure, by replacing the trusted third party figure with a "distributed trust network". DataEngrave has an interface from which insert and recover the data, process and store them, timestamping them and download it in several ways. The same functionality is presented as a RESTFUL API that allows automated access to all  processes. The endpoint client can access from any web browser that meets the HTML5 standards.

Our commitment
  • Your personal data is secret, we never share.
  • We gift you enough credits to test the system.
  • Almost unlimited testnet usage.
  • Use and integration free advice.
  • We don't bother you: Contact us when you need.
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